Sissisota on hidas sota

Exile.run epäkorrekti sotafriikki War Nerd analysoi Irakin armeijan ja Moqtada Al-Sadrin Mahdin armeijan äskettäistä yhteenottoa Basrassa. Bush kutsui taistelua "vapaan Irakin historian kannalta ratkaisevaksi hetkeksi". War Nerd kysyy, kuka oikeastaan voitti, kun Al-Sadr ilmoitti tulitaosta?

Sissisota on hidasta sotaa, jossa ei ole "ratkaisevia hetkiä". Juuri siksi USA häviää tämän pelin.
Guerrilla wars are slow, crock-pot wars. To win this kind of war, the long war, takes patience. Trying to force a “defining moment” by military action is not just ignorant and idiotic, but risks further demoralizing your side when that moment doesn’t happen, as it inevitably won’t. What happens when you launch premature strikes on a neighborhood-based group like the Mahdi Army is that you just end up convincing their neighborhoods that the occupiers are the enemy, and the Mahdi boys—all local kids you’ve known all your life—are heroes, defending your glorious slum from the foreigners and their lackeys.

Who Won Iraq's "Decisive" Battle?

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Anonymous said...

Toi War Nerd on hauskaa luettavaa etenkin kun sisältö on itseasiassa pakinoitsevaa äijätyyliä laadukkaampaa.

Tää juttu kuvailee hyvin, mitä voisi käydä, jos sota syttyisi Iranin kanssa.

If it was me, and maybe I'm too "cynical" or something, I'd send all my empty missile tubes and expendable suicide squads in the first wave, all at once like van Riper did. I'd count to 90, because 90 seconds would be enough to empty every Phalanx magazine--and you can bet that those scared Navy computer nerds down in the Operations Room would be holding the red buttons down till the barrels were melting when they realized they were under a real attack. Then, while the grunts below deck were hauling the ammo into position, I'd send the second wave with the real stuff. And that, as they say, would be that. A trillion dollars of US Navy hardware becomes an artificial reef.